Saturday, December 19, 2009

Well, that was a mistake!

I ate lunch in the cafeteria Friday. That's not too unusual - I eat lunch in the cafeteria most days, particularly when it's cold out. It's just so easy. Friday is the day that the cafeteria serves a themed meal - from some portion of the world. Yesterday was Aboriginal themed - they had homemade soup, maple drizzled salmon, bannock, etc. It was all excellent.

However, the homemade soup had hamburger meat in it. They had used chopped up hamburgers - and the hamburgers had oatmeal in them. And the salmon was covered with a breaded topping - which also had oatmeal in it.

I felt really awful all afternoon. I managed to make it through teaching my class, then I went home to bed. I slept until after 6 pm. I managed to stay awake then until I picked up Bram at the airport - then I went back to bed.

I'm feeling much better today. Hopefully I won't have any other side effects. Next time I'll be sure to ask. I don't care to ever feel like that again.

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