Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Holiday

Bram and I had a good day yesterday for Christmas. The Pradzynskis and Friesens came over first thing in the morning and opened presents at my apartment (I have a tree and the apartment was tidy) before driving up to PA to celebrate the remainder of the day with family up there. The Steiners also came over to open presents - but their little girls aren't morning people and they weren't happy about it. Unfortunately, I think someone (D.P.?) took my phone with them - as we definitely had it just before they left and it's no where to be found after they left. It's a cordless phone - not a cell phone, so I'm sure it's just an oversight. However, it does leave me without a phone until they bring it back. I actually have a wall phone, but I can't check my messages on it, as it's such a basic type that it doesn't let you use the * or #. So, someone's left me a message - and I'll check it when I can... later.

Later on, around noon, Bram and I went over to the Steiners for Christmas dinner and opening more presents. In the late afternoon we came back home as we were tired. Had a nap (both of us), then Bram was bored, so we baked cookies.

I need to go out to Fabricland this morning then we're hoping to catch a ride to S'toon with Aunt Alice who was up to help celebrate Christmas with the Steiners. I just don't trust driving my vehicle out of town as I think the transmission will die at any moment.

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