Monday, March 15, 2010

OK, Robin - this one's for you!

I had the strangest dream last night. I was in a really big store - had groceries, clothes everything. (That could have been because I checked out the new Super Walmart last night). Anyway I ended up buying three pairs of new shoes because they were such a good price. I bought one black pair, one white pair and one brown pair. They all had high heels though (and I never wear heels). Anyway, it was strange. I never buy shoes unless my existing pair has totally worn out. I never buy heels when I buy shoes and I hate shopping in super large stores. Go figure. So anyone want to interpret this for me? Maybe it means I need to go visit Robin!


Robin said...

I'm stuck on the part where you said "I never buy shoes unless my existing pair..." Pair? As in one? How is that possible?

Maybe you dreamed it because my boss told us recently that we are not allowed to wear high heels to work. Who knows? Go buy shoes. Live on the wild side.

May's Musings said...

Actually I have a pair of runners (indoor shoes) and a pair of dress shoes as well. Three pairs (maybe 4... I have a pair I don't like so never wear.