Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Rose flew down to Regina on Good Friday. I've got her mostly settled in now, and job hunting. She's wanting to go to Western in the fall. We both have come down with sore throats though.

We drove up to Saskatoon Saturday for Easter. Celebrated Easter out at Al and Nancy's with just over 20 other people. A very small crowd, but good to visit with everyone. It was a great, relaxing visit.

Yesterday was spent running errands. (I'm planning on doing that a lot this week while I'm off school.) I've found the cheapest place to purchase my glasses, and need to go back today to get them fitted. Had a repair man in to see a microwave in one of Dad and Ruth's suites, and then Ruth and I went and purchased a replacement. We need more groceries seeing that there's twice as many people eating here now, so Rose and I got groceries last night.

Ruth and I went walking this morning. It's warm enough and dry enough out that we've been able to walk outdoors again, instead of in the field house. It's actually very beautiful in the mornings. We really enjoy our walks. Part of the morning routine is saying, "I set out my camera and forgot it again!" though.

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