Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Packing and moving

I've signed nearly all the papers for my new house. Ruth hasn't received the instructions from the other lawyer yet, but I've signed everything else. I've made arrangements to sign for home insurance and life insurance on Friday. I still have to make arrangements for water, gas, power, phone, etc. (Tomorrow I think.)

Rose and I have started packing. We did around 15 boxes yesterday. Small boxes because they're books. That's her manga collection. It's a start, I guess. We've got lots more to go. We need to pick up more boxes. I'd like to get all the rest of the books packed today (my music, my books, the rest of Rose's books, etc.)

Yesterday we priced out furniture. I'm moving from a two bedroom into a four bedroom with both a living room and a family room. I'll need more furniture. I'd like to find some really good garage sales for bookcases though. We'll need several more of those.

In the meantime there's also lots of moving going on at school. The halls are full of furniture moved from one place to another. I've been marking stuff in the back room of the library to either go or stay. Things are pretty chaotic over there. I'm glad, in a way, that I'm really too busy to help with that. I'm putting in an hour or two everyday, but that's all. As Rose pointed out, there's not much lifting I can do anyway. If I lift very much at all with my right arm, my elbow goes out of alignment.

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