Friday, August 6, 2010

Busy Week

I'm almost finished my course. I have a final assignment due this coming Wednesday (that I really need to do more on than just be thinking about it) - and then I'm done.

It's been fairly hectic as usual. (Who said that teacher's have the whole summer off?) In addition to working on my class, I spent most of the week down in S'toon. Rose, Bram and I left Saturday and Rose and I got back last night. We put Bram on the plane yesterday for YK. He`ll be there for a very short while, then fly down to burn camp and after burn camp`s over, it`ll almost be time for him to come down here for school.

We spent most of the week at my brother John`s house. I had my tub refinished (and it looks really good!). The stuff to do that is a two part epoxy, and it has to cure for five days before you can use the tub again. In addition, Rose is extremely sensitive to chemicals - so we couldn`t do it and stay in the apartment. So I invited myself down to John`s, and my neighbour downstairs painted the tub for me. It`s really cool - worked very well. You can`t tell that it`s been refinished at all; just looks good, where before it looked horrible.

Before leaving for S`toon, I put an offer in on a house here in Regina. I`m still scrambling to prove for the mortgage company that I have the funds to do this, but I have a conditional acceptance, which makes me happy. I have a few more hoops to jump, but things look like it`ll go through, Lord willing. If so, I get possession Aug 26. Most of what I`ve been doing this morning (in between working on my class) has been getting the paperwork in order for this deal. More on this if it happens.

While at John`s, he needed to go to Regina for a day and then up to PA the next day, so the kids and I babysat his one-year-old twins for him. They`re on a really tight schedule, but in many ways that made things really easy. Just follow the list. They play together really well, so it wasn`t too hard keeping them entertained. Harold is walking, while Sasha only walks a step or two if he doesn`t notice that`s what he`s doing. He really prefers to crawl. To balance things out, Sasha swims, while Harold doesn`t. He also eats more. Harold prefers a bottle, and cries if you feed him. Sasha will eat any given quantity. Neither one is talking yet.

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