Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Busyness? or Procrastination?

I'm really enjoying my summer session class. I'm learning lots. We've rearranged the days that we're not to be responding to the online class discussions; so that our down days are the weekend. That's great!

I took Rose and Bram with me to S'toon on Thursday. Rose was able to see her friends, and I just logged onto the computers in the public library for a while to keep on track with my class. I took the rest of the weekend off.

Friday Rose, Bram and I helped Ruth in her office. We shovelled through the accumulation of paper and files. Rose and I went back Monday morning to finish up. Her office looks much better.

Saturday was the first day of Mission 6:10; which is a cooperative effort between Western Christian High School, Northwest church of Christ and Glen Elm church of Christ. It also involves a large group from Greenville Oaks church of Christ in Allen, Texas. I've put Bram in the dorm so that he can experience the whole experience (also because a two bedroom apartment is really small for two teenagers of different sexes, plus myself). Rose and I are helping daily.

Sunday afternoon we put on a carnival in the park on 7th and Pasqua. This was the kickoff for our VBS, which started Monday. It was very hot and sunny. We had a good time.

Yesterday was the first day of the VBS. It was also in the park. We had 67 kids come out; everyone had a lot of fun! We're expecting more kids today.

Now, with all of that going on this weekend, and Monday, it means that I didn't work on my class or my assignment at all. It's partly being very busy. It's also partly being really good at procrastination. My goal is to spend six hours on it today. So why am I starting by updating my blog?

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