Monday, July 19, 2010

To do list

I emailed my latest assignment in to my prof last night. I caught up on the webmail related to my class this morning. However, because there's over 30 students in the class, I'm caught up for only about an hour or so. It takes a lot of time just to read other peoples' comments, check out their links, respond back to them, etc. I feel for my instructor though; she's the one that has to go through all of the assignments and mark them (some of the web tools that students used as part of their assignments take 20 minutes or more to go through), while keeping up with the web conversations.

Things are getting ready for VBS. I have a few emails to respond to for that as well. The park is booked; we met with the city this morning; I've got the info we needed for the building permit and temporary facilities permit in order to put up tents for the VBS. I've put a phone call in to an insurance broker about insurance and am waiting for him to call me back. I have a supplies list, and need to get supplies before the end of the week.

Bram is sick with a really bad cold. He was complaining of having chills this morning and is lying down swathed in blankets right now. It's about 78 in the apartment right now, so I think that likely means he's running a fever. He's been running through tissues like there's no tomorrow. I think he used up a new box yesterday. Hopefully rest with plenty of fluids will help. I also hope that neither Rose nor I will catch it.

Rose hasn't had too many hours of work, but is working this afternoon. I'm trying to encourage her to get changed into her uniform so she can go.

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