Monday, July 5, 2010

Now What?

I was to my niece's wedding on Friday. It was very nice and I got to see my in-laws and lots of family on the Thiessen side. I also saw Lloyd although we didn't speak to each other at all.

Lloyd and I are exactly in the same place where we were two years ago when I left. We're still not communicating and I still don't have a separation agreement. I don't know what to do about it. I cannot communicate directly with him without a mediator or something like that - and we don't have anyone to communicate through. However, it's not possible to have a separation agreement without some kind of communication.

Since I left in August 2008, we have had about 6 e-mails back and forth, four letters sent by my lawyer (which cost me nearly $2000), a one-hour meeting with a counsellor a year ago, and that's about it. Lloyd sent me an e-mail in February, which took me until April to even open and until May to respond to, suggesting an e-site for a separation agreement. I agreed to that but haven't heard anything back from him since.

I'm tired of being in a holding pattern. I don't know what the solution is though.

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