Sunday, July 18, 2010

Update on Dad

Dad was discharged from the hospital Saturday. They ran every test imaginable; cat scans, mris, ultrasounds, ekg, a lot of blood work, etc. The conclusion was he didn't have a stroke; he didn't have a heart attack; he likely has a viral infection that gave him extremely low blood pressure as one of the side effects.

I was able to drive up to S'toon yesterday and see Dad and Mom. Dad is doing much better but still ires easily. He's glad to be home though. They've changed some of his medication, and have told him to see his GP to follow up.

Now one funny thing is that Dad's GP (the same one we all had as kids), has got to be well into his 80's. He was practicing during WWII!

Dad and mom say thank you to everyone for their concern and prayers.

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