Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer Session

I'm taking my first class towards my M.Ed. it's a Teacher-Librarian program through the U of A, all through distance ed. This course is called "Inquiry-Based Learning."

It's a good class. I'm busy everyday, reading, responding to other people's comments and making my own comments, pondering, etc. I had my first assignment due the first day of class, and my next assignment is due this coming Monday at 9 am. I just got my marks back for my first class and they were good. I'd like to always have good marks, so I need to continue working hard. Generally I spend about 2 hours a day working on my class. Most of that time is spent on-line.

I'm not sure I'm through the pondering process yet, to be able to complete that assignment. Actually I'm pretty sure I've got lots more reading, pondering, etc. to get through. The good news is that nothing I do in this class is wasted; it's all directly related to the teaching process. It's a good way to spend the summer.

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