Monday, November 12, 2012

Reading Aloud

As a teacher - and a teacher who majored in teaching reading when at university - I believe very strongly in reading aloud.  As a family we started reading aloud before we even had kids.  When Lloyd and I were first married, we shared our favourite books with each other by reading them aloud, and while we didn't do it constantly, we continued the habit infrequently throughout our marriage.

When the kids came along, it seemed only natural that we'd continue reading aloud.  I recall several children's books that I could recite because I've read them aloud so many times to Rose and Bram.  We read aloud on long car trips as well.  Living in Yellowknife has meant that there's always been lots of long car trips.

Ryan and Rachel's daughter Jane has also discovered the delights of being read aloud to.  She has a couple of board books that are her particular favourites that she is quite happy to have read to her 10 or 15 times or more at one sitting.

Lately Bram and I have been reading aloud some of Sharon Lee and Steve Miller's books; part of the Liaden series.  It's much, much nicer reading aloud to adults though.  We read until we get tired or until we come up to a really long chapter, and then feel free to state, "I'm tired; why don't you read the next chapter by yourself?"  We've just finished the Agent of Change series: Agent of Change, Conflict of Honors, Carpe Diem, Plan B and I Dare. We've also read Local Custom and Balance of Trade as well as several of the short stories but haven't done any of the Theo Waitley series, or Scout's Progress, Local Custom or Crystal Soldier or Crystal Dragon.  I just finished the latest one, Necessity's Child, myself but I don't know what Bram and I will choose to read next together.


Diane said...

Today at work one of my colleagues said to a student, "Why a cow?" and pointed to his tattoo. I turned and looked and said, "That is not a cow that is Ferdinand." I totally knew everything about that. Colour and the story. That was a story we read together as children.

May's Musings said...

Yep. Ferdinand is a real classic. I don't think my kids knew that one though.