Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Yesterday Bram and I stopped by the nursing home and visited his Grandmother Thiessen.  It really didn't take long, and it was so good to do it - it makes me wonder why we don't find the time more often.  She was so glad to see us.  Here I am working in Moose Jaw and Bram's going to school there and we can't seem to find the time to stop by?  Something's wrong with our priorities I think.
Tonight was the typical Wednesday night, have everyone over.  We set the table for 12, and I think every plate ended up being used.  It was good to visit with everyone and share a meal together.

Usually for the Wednesday night thing, I plan well in advance and have everything ready when I get home from work.  Not so tonight.  I arrived home, knowing that I had nothing planned; picked up mom, went to the grocery store and picked up the makings.  We had lasagna,  mixed vegetables and Caesar salad.  I made a cobbler for dessert.  It was all very good, and we have leftover lasagna for tomorrow.  In fact, the fridge is full.  This is a nice problem to have.  I thought we had leftover dessert too, but left it out on the counter and it seemed to "settle down" a bit til there's nothing left.  That also works, because as I said, the fridge is full

I'm so thankful that I'm able to have guests over regularly.  I feel very fortunate.

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