Sunday, January 27, 2008

Count your blessings

It's always colder somewhere else; I always hear the weather in Cambridge Bay and thank the Lord I don't live there, but here in YK it is -35 right now, as it has been all day. With the wind chill it's -44. The forecast is for the temperature to remain basically unchanged (perhaps dropping a little) for the rest of the week. (For comparison, it's -32 in Cam Bay, but with the wind chill it's -52. Count your blessings).

It was cold enough this morning that when I walked next door to the church building, I arrived the same time as Doug Ashby. He put his key in before I got mine out, then turned the key and snapped it right off. (At -35 or so, things like that happen.) So, now what? The rest of the music team was arriving, so I got into a warm vehicle to wait developments. Doug drove home and came back with a screwdriver, hammer, heat gun, etc. He ended up driving the screwdriver into the broken key and then turning it. The lock is ruined, but at least we got in. I brought back a bicycle chain and lock after service, and I think they were planning on looping it through the outer door and locking it that way. (Actually anyone who's trying to break in at -35, probably needs to get in).

The temperature dropped really quite suddenly. Yesterday morning it was only -16, and Lloyd had gone out snowmobiling with a friend and her two kids. He had his new snowmobile, bought just this fall, and the older one. However, the new one seized up, and had to be towed back to town, where he could load it on a trailer and drop it back off at the dealership. He's put less than 100 km on it since he bought it, and he's not very happy about the whole thing. By afternoon, the temperature had dropped to -28, and by nightfall it was -30. It's supposed to be -40 tonight.

The new semester starts tomorrow so I've been busy doing up attendance sheets and making sure I have everything ready. I probably need to do another hour or so, but got tired of it, and left the computer to start to make bread instead. I'll have to get back to work at it soon, but I needed a break.

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Ian said...

Hey, we had minus 36 with a wind chill of -42! And it is supposed to be cold (below -30) all week. I am glad that it has slowed down the mosquitoes.