Sunday, January 13, 2008

Winter - cold and dark

For most of the past week the temperature has hovered between -25 and -30. This morning we woke up to -11 and lots of fresh snow. We're all very thankful for the warmer weather.

Lloyd got written up in the newspaper this week. Last Friday he got stopped by By-law as he was driving his quad across the lake. He's been regularly plowing a path across the lake, and they stopped him to warn him that he was endangering snowmobilers by plowing the path and that he could be sued if anything happened. So he wrote a letter to the editor explaining that he wouldn't be plowing the path any longer - and the Yellowknife ended up interviewing him and having a 2/3 page spread about it. Then he got interviewed by CBC TV, and was on the TV Friday evening. Now he's been phoned by one of the city counsellors who mentioned that they're definitely discussing this on their next meeting. It's all been kind of interesting (especially since I've just been observing, not a participant). It's been more media attention than Lloyd cares to have, I believe.

I'm still quite busy with Arctic Winter Games. We had an empty store at the mall from Thursday through Saturday, and were recruiting more volunteers. We're up to about 1500, which sounds good until you realize that we're needing around 2500 volunteers, and the cut-off to volunteer is Feb 1. So the clock is ticking, and we're working hard.

School has resumed and we're counting down to term end finals. Rose is back at school and has gone to Eyebrow to visit Lloyd's family for the weekend. It's good that she's able to do that kind of thing. Bram's back to the homeschooling routine, and we're both back to piano practice. In fact, I should be practicing piano right now, but am busy procrastinating.

Lloyd and Bram are playing air hockey right now. This is a brutal game the way they play it, usually resulting in skinned and bleeding knuckles. However, they seem to enjoy it.

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