Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Major Procrastination

I need to be making up a final exam for my students to write tomorrow. I have to do some major procrastination first though. So far I've played two games of Spider Solitaire (won them), two games of cribbage (won them) and one game of backgammon (lost it) on the computer. I've also got Bram started on his homework (studying for a health test), and practicing piano. I think I need to practice piano next. I will get down to writing up the exam, but it's a challenge.

Last night we rearranged our dining room. Now, we've never been able to eat in the dining room - and we still can't but I like the new arrangement. We have the piano and the electric keyboard facing each other, and a pod with three computer desks at the end of the electric keyboard. One computer desk holds a printer and a laptop, there's a second printer on top of the keyboard. The other two desks hold computers, so that Bram and I can both work at the same time. Behind the computers is a bookshelf covering one wall, and against the far wall is the freezer. Moving the computer desks around, we found an incredible amount of stuff underneath them. They're on casters, so that there's enough clearance for stuff to disappear, but not enough clearance to easily get it back out again. I found over 20 pencils (I think the dog steals them off the computer desk), about 15 pens, Bram's missing science text (that we had turned the house upside down looking for), about 10 hair elastics, and lots of detritus.

If you want to count your blessings, it is -32 out right now (2 pm), so that's probably the warmest it will get all day. I don't have to go back to school this afternoon, and am happy just to stay indoors.

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