Sunday, January 20, 2008

Weird Winter Weather

As we were lying in bed listening to the weather on the radio across the NWT, the announcer stated that they were having a chinook up on the north coast. Sure enough, the temperature was 0 in Inuvik and +4 in Tsigiitchic (just try to pronounce that one! - it's Sigachick). Regional norms are between -23 and -32, which is what we're having. It's -24 out right now here in sunny YK.

A few weeks ago when Rose was home from Western, we attempted to take family pictures (again). We invited Walter to come and help us take the photos, as trying to use a timer just doesn't work as well as having another body doing it. They did much better than last time, although Bram did try to do the typical boy thing and make some strange faces. I try to post some photos.

Bram had a field trip on Friday to the Taiga Water Lab. The homeschooling association arranges things like this and I'm grateful. We don't participate in their activities (like regular skating twice a week) as much as we should, and I had two appointments Friday morning, so had to arrange for Bram to catch a ride with someone, but he was able to go.
I've talked to Rose a couple times on the phone this week. She seems to think she's left both the power cord for her laptop and her math text and binder here in YK. We can't seem to see anything she's left behind (aside from some dirty clothes). She was writing finals this week, so I'd like to phone and see how she's feeling about them.
I have no classes this coming week as it's instructor marking days and interviews. New classes start a week Monday. I'm not ready for them yet, so it's a good thing I have a week off to prepare.

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