Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The dog died

Lloyd phoned the kids last night to say that Pepsi had died. He hadn't been home when it had happened. Rose was talking to me and said rather plaintively, "My best friend died." Bram didn't say much, but I know he's feeling it too. It is very sad.


Linea said...

Dogs can be such good friends. I think it rather appropriate to mourn them. Was your dog very old?

May's Musings said...

No. He was a beagle. 8 years old. He likely ate something he shouldn't have when no one was home and choked on it.

Donna said...

May...I'm so sorry to hear about Pepsi. It's amazing how pets can weave their way into your lives. Let Rose know that I'm thinking of her,and know how it feels to lose a much loved pet...Donna