Sunday, March 15, 2009

Just so tired...

Well the quizzing tournament was very good. Friday evening I was able to drop off everyone at home/dorm by 10:30 pm or so. Saturday was a very long day, however. I started picking up people a little before 8 am. I dropped that last ones off at the dorm at 11:20 pm. Then I still had to get home and put myself to bed.

Not too surprisingly perhaps, I am a little tired today. There was a congregational meeting this afternoon, but I skipped out on it and went home and had an afternoon nap instead. I figured that if I had stayed, I would have had my afternoon nap regardless, and this way, at least I was comfortable while doing it. Usually when I have a nap, I sleep for an hour, but this time I slept for two and am feeling a little groggy now.

How did the kids do in quizzing? Well our team had decided to move up from the B quizzing to the A quizzing, which is substantially more difficult. It's a rare thing in the A quizzing for the quiz master to finish asking the question as someone has generally jumped to answer the question before he has more than a few words said. That being said, they did pretty well. They ended up on the consolation side of the A competition and did tenth on the consolation side. They quizzed in seven different games; while when they had been in B they were eliminated after only three games (B doesn't have a consolation side). That made the switch worthwhile for them.

Because we have five quizzers on our team, and two of the quizzers were feeling really intimidated by moving up to A, we told them that we'd find an alternative for them. You must have at least three quizzers to make a team, and unless you go to having alternates, a team has a max of four quizzers. So Tim (the other coach) checked around and made arrangements for them to quiz with another partial team from Saskatoon, Erindale. However, one of our quizzers ended up in the hospital and couldn't come to the tournament at all (please keep her in your prayers), but Shea, who is a novice quizzer, quizzed with Erindale. That team ended up first in the B division - so way to go Shea! That was very exciting.

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