Thursday, March 12, 2009

Home Alone

Jordan has been living with me; taking one high school class and one college class at Western. He's a good kid. Doesn't play his music loud; actually has really good taste in music;usually cleans up after himself; is pretty responsible. However, Jordan has gone to S'toon for the weekend and I'm home alone.

It feels pretty good. Except... how alone am I? Rose came over for supper and had me take her out for some things she needed. So that was tonight. There's no school tomorrow, but Joe's supposed to come over for me to help him with his (way overdue) paper(s) in the morning. I'm supposed to have an extra practice with the Bible Quiz group in the afternoon because we have a tournament all weekend. The Bible Quiz tournament will start Friday evening, and run all day and evening Saturday. Sunday is the usual; church, potluck, church meeting, Bible Quiz practice.

So much for a quiet weekend home alone.

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