Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Birthday to my nieces

It may be Hallowe'en - but no one's come to my door yet. I lived in an apartment for the past two years, so wasn't too surprised at no one coming when I lived there, but am kinda hoping for some little guests tonight.

It's also Robin and Joyce (or Joyce and Robin)'s birthday today. I remember when they were born because I was in PNG and didn't get the letter announcing their birth until nearly Christmas - so they were just about a month old before I got to find out if they were male or female. They were nearly two before I saw them for the first time.

We had planned to drive to Moose Jaw today and do a tunnel tour, but Rose forgot and allowed herself to be scheduled for work; so we'll try to do it another weekend instead. Rose has midterms starting tomorrow.

My parents were up for Friday and Saturday and my dad plugged the 4"x10" hole where the mice were getting in. I'm very grateful. Now I need to pull everything out of my cupboards and wipe it all down with bleach water. (However that can wait for a day or two).

Rose brought a mask to church with her this morning, and so was able to stay for the entire service despite the perfumes. I'm delighted. She doesn't like looking "different" but it does work. I noticed that she brought the mask to work as well, so we'll see. I had bought the masks so that I could clean out the cupboards where the mice have been; so it's good to see that they can have more than one use.

Rose and Bram went to the Hallowe'en party last night at the Student Centre. Rose had showered and was in pj's and a robe; so she made herself a cup of tea, borrowed my slippers and went as a "not a morning person" - was very believable too. They apparently had a fire alarm in the middle of it; set off by the smoke machines, so they all had to go outside for a bit. She went barefoot outside because I told her she couldn't wear my slippers outside. She had locked her shoes in Bram's locker, and then walked barefoot home again because Bram had already left.

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