Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday morning

Last night I had the family over. Made homemade buns, borscht and pigs in blankets. There were about 17 over; all the Pradzynski's, the Friesens and the Steiners as well as Tate, my kids and Betty. The food must have been ok because everything went. I saved behind two pigs in blankets for Betty to take for lunch today because she had helped make them.

Because of the snow yesterday, I had a big drift in my front driveway, which Ruth got stuck in. I suggested to several of my guests that it would be really nice to have the driveway shovelled - and eventually it happened. In a way I'm grateful that Ruth got stuck there or it might not have. Everyone seemed to think that someone else could do it better.

After supper I took Rose and Bram out to get winter outerwear. Got Bram outfitted. Rose is planning to wait until Bram flies back to YK in two weeks and get him to bring her stuff down from there. Until then, she can borrow from mom. So I bought myself some new boots so she can borrow my old ones. I also looked for a different snow shovel but everyone's sold out.

It was -15 when I woke up this morning but has warmed up to -11 the last I heard on the radio. Rose has caught the bus to work (wearing my ski jacket and boots). I need to leave for work myself, and Betty is probably just waking up. I've just finished cleaning up from last night - what's impossible for me to do in the evening becomes very simple in the morning. Luckily I didn't have piano lessons this morning because I don't have an extension cord to plug in my van yet. The one I had last year seems to have disappeared with the move.

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