Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lazy Sunday afternoon

It's a quiet afternoon. Bram has just gone back to the dorm, after playing on the Wii for awhile; Rose is working, and Betty is in her room. I should be practicing piano or doing some lesson planning, but I'm not - yet.

It was a short week this past week; Teacher's Convention was Thursday and Friday in Calgary. The keynote speaker was Josh McDowell - who was excellent. The workshops I went to were very good as well. The van ride to and from Calgary was a little long, but I got some good visiting in with my coworkers.

This morning Rose, Bram and I went to Glen Elm church instead of our home congregation at NorthWeest. This is primarily because Rose gets a migraine headache every time we go to Northwest because of the perfumes people wear. She ends up sitting in the hallway until after communion, and then walking home. I want my kids to be part of a church family - and I don't feel sitting in the hallway and enduring service allows her to do that. She still had a headache at Glen Elm, but it was much better. Bram didn't like the music as much (they've gone instrumental), but I feel that that's a cultural difference. God didn't ask us to attend the church that made us feel most comfortable. So, I'll have to discuss it more with my kids - I'm willing to change churches if it means that Rose is able to attend without being ill. It would be a wrench; I've attended Northwest since I moved down here over two years ago - but I can adapt.

After service Glen Elm had a soup and sandwich lunch as a fundraiser for a Zambia mission. We fed Rose there, dropped her off at work, and then Bram and I went and picked up Betty and went to Ruth's for lunch. Both lunches looked very good.

With the cooler weather in the fall, I have mice that think my house is a much warmer location than the great outdoors. They come into one of my kitchen cabinets. So I purchased steel wool to put around the pipes and hopefully block them from coming in from the crawl space. However, when I was in the cupboard, I found that there's a huge hole - about 10" x 4" around one of the pipes. I can't block that with steel wool - so I'll have to get someone to come over and nail a board over it. Bram's very good about setting and emptying the mouse traps for me. We generally catch about one every three or four days. (We caught one this afternoon). I have to keep reminding myself that mice are much better to have than rats. (I'd rather not have either though).

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