Friday, June 17, 2011

Early Friday

It's before 7 am, Friday. My parents have just left to go back to Saskatoon. It's been so nice having them here with me this past week, but they were anxious to go home. No one else is awake or up yet.

The big news this week is that Rose has been accepted into the program of her choice, International Studies and Modern Languages at the University of Ottawa. We have confirmed her acceptance and have put in her request to live in residence so far. She still needs to register for her classes and take a French test. However, she'll be taking French Immersion in Quebec all summer, and she doesn't have to take the French test before August 31, so I've recommended that she put off taking the French test until she's finished her summer program.

Rose has requested for her birthday (end of May) that I make her up a cookbook with easy to make recipes for her to use while she's in Quebec, as she's staying with a host family, but has requested kitchen privileges instead of the meal option because of her allergies. Any suggestions? Please send them to me on Facebook.

It was awards day yesterday at Western. I MC'd it, which was really easy. I just introduced the next presenter each time. Bram won awards for honour roll and spirit of cooperation. He figures he must have sat third place in the class standings or he would have gotten the bronze medal if he was second place. His goal is to be second place for grade 12. (To supplant the girl in first place would require way too much effort.)

Bram and I take off this afternoon for Gravelbourg for the Summer Solstice festival. Unfortunately, it's raining really hard and the forecast is for rain the entire weekend. So I washed the mud off my rubber boots and will bring them along; I also bring shoes instead of sandals - what more can I do?

My computer is still giving me grief, but I have everything backed up. I turn it off carefully when I'm done working on it, instead of leaving it on. Then it doesn't freeze up, forcing me to do a hard reboot. That's the best I can do.


Rachel said...

What can't Rose eat? Does it matter if they are baked into something or just if she has it plain?

May's Musings said...

Rose can't eat milk products - usually; or oats; or citrus fruit; or most fresh fruit; probably others - that's what I can think of off-hand. The milk products are the one that makes it difficult to live with a host family. Quebec cooking generally uses a lot of milk.