Friday, June 3, 2011


It is the countdown to the end of the school year. We're into June and there is a finite number of days left. Farewell and Awards Day are coming up, as are final exams. Rose is going to Quebec for the five week French Immersion experience, and Bram was charting out his summer holidays last night as well. (Burn camp here, Mission 6:10 here, what dates are Heritage Camp?) He's planning on driving to the Yukon with his dad for two weeks as well. I don't have such extensive plans for the summer. I think my plans involve a whole lot of deep breathing. I'm not taking a summer session, and I'm really not planning on going anywhere exciting. I'll be helping with Clearview Camp for a week, and with Mission 6:10. Aside from that, who knows?

I've been waking up hoarse every morning and I think I need to break down and go back to the doctor and get a prescription for Nexium again. I haven't needed it for a couple years, but I seem to be back needing it again. It's for GERD.

I switched from my winter breakfast (Red River Cereal with raisins) to my summer breakfast (spoon-sized shredded wheat and bran with bran buds and frozen blueberries) yesterday. I also discovered that I can eat porridge in the morning and last until noon, but when I have cold cereal for breakfast, I only last to about 10:30. So I guess I need to bring a snack with me too. One thing I'm really looking forward to is only having to make my own lunch and supper over the summer.

Time to rush off to school.

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