Friday, May 27, 2011

Week's End

It's been a good week. I had my birthday on Wednesday - I'm now starting a new decade. We had a potluck and gathering (at my house because I have the most room). We counted up who had been there afterwards, and there had been at least 33 people. I am again so thankful that it's so easy to host that many people, when you've got the space for it. My parents showed up, which was a very nice surprise.

The rest of the teachers were on strike Wednesday and Thursday, but because I work at an independent school - we weren't. Which is good. However over half of the Grade 12 class decided to skip Wesdnesday, which wasn't so good. They'll have to deal with the consequences, once we figure out what they are. The main frustration Wednesday was that some bright lights decided to break into the library and remove all the balls from every mouse in the computer lab. This meant that I was forced to cancel my first period class (computers) and we closed the library for the day. Yesterday, the balls had all been mysteriously replaced.

I purchased a dining room set last night. I'm quite excited about it. It's a table with two leaves, six upholstered chairs, and a china cabinet - for $400. I'm thankful for Regina Kijiji. It's in excellent shape. We picked up the chairs last night when we went to look at it, and will pick up the table and china cabinet either tonight or tomorrow. The table is much larger than the one I currently have - it's the same size as my current table, when my current table has a leaf in it, and my new one is at its smallest. Then you can add two sixteen in leaves. It's a double pedestal table and has rounded corners, so you can easily fit 12 and could squeeze 14 in.

I have replaced my bedding plants (thank's for the birthday present, Dad and Mom) seeing as I was too eager earlier in the year and they died in the frost. I carried them in last night, and put them out again this morning. Now I need to get the rest of my seeds planted, and I'll have a garden!

We had 45 at The Party on Tuesday. They've started taking the older kids (grade 6-8) to join up with another group that has a youth group on Tuesday nights. This gives us more room, and allows both of our groups to work more productively. However, we lose a couple of helpers taking the teens to the other group and staying with them there. However, it's a great trade off, I think. There were only five of the older group, so that meant we had 40 kids, which we split into four groups. Before this, we'd only been able to split them into three groups. It makes a big difference, being able to run another group.

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