Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Evening

It`s Sunday evening. I`ve been sitting at the computer playing mindless games but it`s really time to go to bed. Rose has finally sent me her itinerary, so there`s not excuse for being late to pick her up tomorrow night. I`ll be glad to have her back. Bram`s in the living room (also known as the up room - the family room is the down room) - in theory working on one of his essays, but probably playing mindless computer games on his laptop. I can hear him whistling (Blessed Assurance). I`m a little jealous because I`ve never been able to whistle - and definitely not whistle a tune - however I guess everyone has their own talents.

Bram has two papers due in the near future. One for Christian Ethics (he`s writing about Menno Simmons) and one for Chemistry 30 (he`s writing about organic acids). He was explaining about organic acids to me - and I finally told him I was nodding to show that I was listening, not because I had any inkling about what he was talking about.

We had a smaller group over for Sunday dinner today - probably about 20 or so. A group of them stayed and visited in the living room until it was time to go to small groups. I visited for awhile then went and had an afternoon nap. It`s nice it`s my house, because I can do that. I felt a little bit guilty about it, because I had visitors over, but not guilty enough to not do it. (I needed a Sunday afternoon nap - it`s Biblical! Just ask Eutichus) We had Swedish meatballs, homemade buns and three kinds of salads, plus veggies and dip for lunch. Homemade cinnamon buns for dessert. Bram helped make the buns. We made them last night - the cinnamon buns and the dough; then made up one tray of buns and put them in the fridge before service, and baked them right after service - however they disappeared quickly enough that I had to make up another tray to bake them for lunch - then I made up a tray for Bram`s small group. I still have a bowl of dough in the fridge (need to punch it down before I go to bed). It was a big batch of dough.

Somehow we`ve been getting bumble bees inside the house. We try to catch them in a plastic cup and send them outside. I`ve caught one, Bram`s caught two and David`s caught three - and there was one more in the up room this evening. I have no idea how they`re getting in. All of my windows are screwed shut and cannot be opened!

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