Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Productive Monday

It's great having a long weekend. Bram and I caught a ride to Moose Jaw with Walt and Ruth (Walt was looking at a used car), and had a very nice visit with Mom Thiessen. She's in a new nursing home there - and the new home is so much nicer than the old one! She has a really large private room - with her own washroom and a large window looking out over a good view. If you count the washroom area, she has about double the space of her old room in the other home, and this one is a private - not a shared room! We had one of the best visits we have ever had I think.

Then before we left to drive back to Regina, Walter wanted to go back one more time to see that car, so he dropped Bram and I off at Zellers, as Bram needed some more pants. They had what he liked, on 25% off! That makes me happy. That also saved me quite a bit of time, as we didn't have to go shopping when we got back home.

We went to the airport last night to pick up Rose, but she wasn't on the plane. Apparently she's taking this week off and will fly in NEXT Monday night. I hadn't realized that. I hope she stays on top of her homework!

We're back to work this morning. The rest of the province has no school Wednesday and Thursday, but we do at Western! I'm actually fairly happy about that. I would feel very uncomfortable going on strike, although I do empathize with the teachers (and if they get a raise, so do I!)

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