Friday, May 20, 2011

We still read aloud

One of the things I've really appreciated this past year is that both of my kids have been living with me. It's been really good to get to know them as young adults, and I've appreciated the opportunity.

Last night Bram drove me over to the Vance's where there was a get together and farewell for Lloyd and Elaine Jacobs, as they move to Weyburn. When we got home, Bram and I discussed what homework he wants to get done over the long weekend (he has two essays to write; one for Christian Ethics and one for Chemistry). He's writing his CE essay on Menno Simmons, and his Chemistry one on organic acids, and he's got some books out from the library to help him with both.

Then we read to each other. We've been reading aloud since they were preschoolers, but hadn't done it nearly so much since they've gotten old enough to read for themselves. However, I wanted to introduce Bram to a book I was sure he'd enjoy - and the best way to do that is to read it aloud. Now we take turns reading aloud, stopping to comment on the book, the author's writing style, etc. I am thankful that we're never too old to enjoy being read to.

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Nancy said...

yes,isn't it a great thing to read aloud. We often do.