Sunday, May 15, 2011

Spring Cold

I've had a bad cold the past couple of days, as well as what I thought was a really bad sore throat. Figured out that the sore throat was actually a canker sore on the underside of my tongue really far back. Doesn't make it any less sore. Anyway, woke up this morning and have absolutely no voice - not even a whisper. Not feeling very well either; I think I'll stay home from church, and not invite everyone home afterwards the way I normally do. I need to be feeling better for school tomorrow.

I've gotten into the habit of carrying my bedding plants inside every evening and back out every morning. None of my tomato plants survived though - I'll have to buy new ones. I'm waiting to purchase new plants until I don't have to cart them outside and back in twice a day though. When it's warm enough that I can just worry about watering them - then I'll purchase them. It was a shame though - I had so many beautiful tomato plants, and none of them survived. (To be honest, Bram does most of the carrying out and back in for me.)

I purchased a new bbq from The Brick - it was a display model and I got it with a good discount, brought it home and tried it out for the first time for Ruth's birthday. It didn't work! However after talking to The Brick and then to 1-800 number that they gave me, we've got it working now, I think. Walter did most of the phoning and checking out for me, and I'm grateful.

The flooding around Wascana Creek has gone down a lot. Bram and I went out for a walk the other evening to see for ourselves. The path has reappeared in most locations, and although the water is still high, it's nothing like it once was.

Bram found his learner's permit - he thought it had been in the jacket he had lost, but it turned up (even though the jacket didn't). So he drove me to pick up Rose from work the other night. He needs lots more practice, and I'd love to not be the one to give it to him, but I guess that's part of parenting too. Oh well, I guess it's good for my prayer life.

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