Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday evening

Rose is at work - only one more work day for her left. Bram's supposedly finishing up the last of his calculus assignment (far more likely to be playing games on the computer).

We had a lovely Sunday afternoon church picnic. It was supposed to be up at the Evratz park - but they had it closed to the public for a staff picnic, so it took awhile for everyone to get the phone call about where we were meeting; but it did happen. We've had three days without rain now. They've been very nice.

Value Village has a half-price sale on tomorrow. Ruth, Rose and I have a date to be there at 7 when they open and pick up the clothes we picked out this afternoon. Seeing as Ruth is doing the incredible shrinking woman, she's needing new clothing all the time. I'm also shrinking out of my stuff and could use some more. Rose needs hot weather stuff for Quebec and Ottawa. We've also picked out some clothes for Rachel and Kristin - who are doing the opposite of shrinking.

I got all of my report card marks in Friday. Only three more days of work left! Feels good.

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