Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday afternoon

It's that quiet time after everyone has gone home. Bram went to have his hair cut (thank you, Amelia)and then to small groups. Rose is working, and Betty is, as usual, in her room. I have chicken soup on the stove for supper. I think I'll make dumplings to go with it.

We had over 30 for Sunday dinner today. I think I counted 32 - but there could have been more. It was a nice crowd, we all were able to visit - the kids enjoyed the WII and played Sorry. One of the girls who comes to The Party regularly was at my house for the first time. She came to the living room once, looked confused and said, "OK, I'm lost. Where's the room with the WII?"

Monday I'm hosting the Grade 9 class party at my house - at noon. That is, assuming they all get their permission forms back. Tuesday is the final day for The Party - a wind-up barbecue. I need to get some supplies for that. Friday night and Saturday there's a field trip to Gravelbourg for the French students. We're definitely in the wind-up mode right now. I'm fine with that.