Saturday, June 11, 2011


OK, I want you to know that I NEVER post pictures on my blog - but I actually had photos to post - so I attempted, but the computer was having none of it. It took me two tries and about half an hour - but I managed it!

We had Farewell on Thursday. Farewell is an afternoon and evening planned by the staff as a present for the students. It's always fun - and it's always a surprise. This year Farewell was a bananarama. It was like a car rally; we were all divided up into groups with a list of things to find the measurement of (like the length of the bottom step at the Legislative Assembly, or the length of a stranger's arm, or the circumference of the pig in front of the Connaught Library) - however, you were to measure them all with a banana. We were also to take a picture at each stop. The first thing to do was to take the supplied toonie and purchase a banana. By the end of the quest, the bananas were black! We all met at Willow Island at 4 pm; the ferry took us across and we had a barbeque (hotdogs) and banana splits (of course!). I think we all had fun.

My computer gave me the blue screen of death today. We turned it off and rebooted it and it seems to be ok now, but I'm nervous about it. I think I'll buy a hard drive and back everything up.

Ruth and I made salads as usual this morning. We made a couple of new ones that are really good. One of them was supposed to be a layered salad, but we weren't paying attention and started tossing it, so then we had to finish tossing it. It's really good, but I expect it would have looked spectacular if we had layered it. It tastes really good in a pita.

Rose put in her two-week notice this morning at work because she'll be going to Quebec at the end of the month for the 5-week French Immersion thing. I hope she has a wonderful time there. She's busy trying to pack everything right now - on top of working and school and everything else.

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