Monday, July 30, 2012

Major Life Changes

I have always found it a little curious that what can be a tremendously life-changing event to one individual, or group of individuals, will rate, at most, a minor note in the news.  You hear items on the news such as, "A xx year old woman has been killed in a single vehicle accident," and you know that the family involved will never be the same again.  Or, there will be items that don't even make the news, "Did you hear that so and so had a baby?" - and you know that the family involved will never be the same again.

My extended family has undergone three such major life changes in the past week.  My cousin's daughter died suddenly without warning.  She was only 30 years old.  They think it was likely a heart attack.  The next day, her sister-in-law gave birth to a new baby - their first.  The funeral was on Wednesday; then Saturday another cousin's son was married here in Regina.  Three huge life changing events.

I am only peripherally affected.  I know and love the families involved and have shared in a very minor way in their lives.  The cousin whose daughter died and whose son had a baby, was a close friend of mine.  We shared a birthday, and grew up together - but she's been dead for years now, and I really have only met - not known her children, as we have lived a continent apart.  I'm a near neighbour to the one who was married this weekend.  I taught him (and his new bride) at school, and have lived in close community to his family (at one time, right across the hall).

The one thing that was consistent throughout all three of these major events was the presence of the Lord.  He was there with Deanna as she died, and is still supporting her husband and family as they grieve.  He was there with Dwight and Laura Jean as they rejoice in their new child.  And He was there with Tate and Ashley as we all celebrated their marriage together.

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