Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Family Supper

I have been hosting a family supper on Wednesday nights for the past few years.  Everyone who lives in Regina or who is visiting Regina on a Wednesday is invited.  I usually have between 10 and 15 but have had up to 30 on occasion.  It ensures that we all get a visit in and touch base with everyone; which isn't always possible otherwise.  Then once a month (or more often) I have everyone over on Sunday.  The most I've ever had on a Sunday is around 65  (after a certain number, it gets really hard to do an accurate count), but we usually have around 20 or so.

Tonight, being Wednesday, we had everyone over.  We had turkey, stuffing, potatoes and gravy, vegetables, salads, etc. with ice cream for dessert.  A special thank you to my mother because as I was going out the door this morning I hadn't found my roasting pan yet and left the frozen bird sitting on my counter and when she got up, she got it in the oven for me, peeled the potatoes, and got nearly everything ready.  When Bram and I got in this evening, it was just about all done.  That was a special bonus.  This wasn't a Thanksgiving dinner - but turkeys are on sale right now, and I really like turkey.  Unfortunately, I did buy cranberries, but couldn't find them when it was time to put supper on the table, so we will have to have cranberries later.  I can't think we really missed having them.  It also means that we'll have leftover turkey for lunch tomorrow and turkey soup on Friday.  Tonight we set the table with china and silverware - after all, if I've got it, why not use it?  I didn't give any preschoolers china though.  They had to make do with the regular stoneware.

I really like having guests. I also like that I don't have to go out in the evenings, because I'm a home body.  This works well for everyone because I have more room than everyone.  I think it's a win-win situation all around.

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