Saturday, September 15, 2012

Jumping without a Parachute

Today marks exactly six weeks that I have been working for the public library.  It also was my last day of work.  I gave my resignation a week ago - not actually having any firm job offers but having had one interview, and knowing another interview was coming up.

I enjoyed working at RPL, but I didn't really want to stay there.  I wasn't doing enough (any) teaching - and although in the future I would be teaching about 1.5 hours a week - that's still not really teaching.  I got to write up some interesting program proposals and did a number of book club bags for people who had low literacy levels, but I wasn't feeling challenged - aside from the challenge of finding things to do.  In addition, a lot of my work there involved phoning people - and I've always hated phoning; especially phoning strangers. So, as soon as I knew that I had some other fairly firm prospects - although nothing actually offered, I gave a week's notice.

Things I really liked about working at RPL?

  • Taking the bus there and back every day - not having to drive.
  • My coworkers.
  • Working in a library.
  • Having regular set hours, and knowing what they would be.
  • Helping people.
  • Being really appreciated for the work I did.
Things that weren't as good?
  • The salary
  • Phoning strangers all the time
  • Not enough work to do; not enough challenge
  • Not teaching

Then, I was offered a job at one of the other private schools here in Regina.  However it wasn't as a teacher - it was as a tutor.  (Think - much, much less pay).  The pay was probably comparable to what I was making at RPL, but although they didn't call it teaching, I would be teaching.  I would really need to pick up another part-time job in order to make ends meet.  However, I'd be starting at 7:30 am and finishing before 2 pm, so that would be a possibility.  I was guaranteed the job through the end of June.  It was an hourly wage, and I wouldn't be paid for days I didn't work (such as teacher PD days).  I really couldn't decide whether to take that job or not.

Then, I had an interview for a term position at SIAST - Palliser campus (which is the Moose Jaw campus).  It would be teaching high school level classes - math and humanities (a real mixed bag), but full-time for the term.  The down side was that it is a short-term contract - filling in for a teacher off on sick leave.

Then, I had an interview for a term position at SIAST - Wascana campus (here in Regina).  It would be teaching in the business ed. division.  The down side was that it is a short-term contract - filling in for a teacher off on sick leave - and it wouldn't be full-time.

So - I turned down the tutoring position at the private high school (before I had any other job offer - but after I knew that they had checked my references).  That was Thursday.  Friday morning SIAST called me to offer me the position in Moose Jaw and I accepted.  I have to say that I didn't sleep too well Thursday night, but was very happy to have the job offer Friday morning.  I'll start Monday.

The good things about this new position?

  • It's back teaching adult ed - which is what I've really been wanting to do
  • It gets my foot in the door for teaching at SIAST
  • I will be teaching again - full-time
  • I'll be commuting with Bram every day - so we'll get some good visits in
  • The pay and benefits
The not so good things about this new position?
  • It's a short-term contract (to be extended if the person on sick leave needs more time off)
  • It's commuting 45 min. a day every day - on a highway known for blizzards
  • It's teaching new subjects that I haven't taught before (well, some of them I've taught before and I know I can teach them - it's just that the learning curve will be really sharp at the beginning)
  • The uncertainty of it all again

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