Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Answered Prayers

We try not to worry when someone we know and love has to have some kind of medical intervention - no matter how big or small the matter is.  However, it's still much better to look back at it from the other side and to be able to thank God for answered prayers.

I had two answered prayers this morning.  I babysat Emmet while Rachel took Jane to the hospital.  She's had a blocked tear duct her entire life, which has given her a gummy eye most mornings when she wakes up and a weepy eye most of the time.  They fixed it this morning and she's just fine.  She was a little upset when her mom didn't feed her because she found the crackers in the backpack, but that was the main difficulty.

Also this morning I heard that one of my former high school teachers, Dr. C., had his heart cath this morning.  They said things were good and he can have his valve repair in early January.  Very good news, and again, an answer to prayer.

It's good to be reminded to pray, that our prayers are answered, and that God does care for each of us.  Thank you Lord.

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