Thursday, December 13, 2012


It's weird, not getting up and going to work each day.  I used to do this regularly when my kids were small and I subbed pretty much full-time.  Back then I had a routine for the days I worked and another routine for the days that I stayed home.  But right now I don't have a routine set up yet, for while I'm not working.

I miss it. Having a routine.  I still get things done - I had 9 or 10 or so for supper last night, and I'm finishing up a quilt right now, but it's just so much easier when I know what's to do next.  I need to set aside one day just for running errands, so that I'm not doing them every day.  I need to have a daily to do list (check the job listings, tidy house, etc.).  However it seems to me that I got all of that done when I was working full-time as well; how do I relearn how to keep constructively busy while I'm not working?  It may take me awhile.


Sanchita Aravinth said...

Hey, Just happened to see your blog while surfing the net. I am sure by now you must be following a "Routine". :)

May's Musings said...

Nope - been fighting a bad cold and flu and losing. It's going to have to wait until I'm feeling better to have some structure in my day. So far it's just been get up - make sure Bram's gone to school; go back to bed.