Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sorry about that neighbour

When I came home last evening, I shovelled the walks outside my apartment, but just before I went to bed I noticed that it had been snowing again and they were snowed in. I decided that I'd deal with it in the morning. However, I slept in this morning until nearly 7 am (yeah, I'm an early bird). I looked out the window to check on the walks and saw that some kind soul had shovelled the front walk but the back walk still needed to be done. So I put my jacket on, double checked to ensure I had my keys, and went out to shovel it. It only took about 2 minutes, it's a short walk. Then I went to let myself back in and found that I only had car keys in my pocket, no apartment keys.

OK, check all the other windows. Any lights showing? Nope. It's only about -4 out; I could wait. Nope. There's only one doorbell that works at the back - the Williams'. I rang it. Waited. Rang it again. Waited. Rang it again. Nothing.

Bright idea now. I had one of the Williams boys hide a key at the front for emergencies such as this. So I hopped the fence and went around to the front door. And discovered that he may have hid a key, but I couldn't reach the hiding place! (The joys of being vertically challenged.) Then I saw a light come on in the Williams' apartment and rang the bell again. Loopie came down and let me in. (Sorry to get you up but thank you for rescuing me.)

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Lynn said... Bram comes by it honestly, eh?....all those lost mitts, forgotten lunches... hee hee

I'm glad you got in! :)