Sunday, June 27, 2010


School is almost over! I'm finished marking all my students' exams, just have to input their final marks into the system. Tuesday is my last day. Grad was yesterday, and it was lovely. The weather was nice too - not too hot and no rain. (To be honest, we had rain yesterday morning, but grad was in the afternoon, so that was ok.)

I experimented this morning, and my hair is almost long enough to put up or to french braid. I'm getting it cut this week, so that will take care of that.

I've been working on a couple of new pieces on the piano. They're almost at the point where I can play through them without annoying myself.

I am almost finished reading the two books I need to have finished for my summer session class. I have almost started writing the papers that go with them. (That's not as strange as it seems. I mentally map out my entire paper before sitting down and writing it. Have always done it that way.)

Rose and I went to the little greenhouse about 2 blocks from our house this week. We bought three raspberry canes (well, two raspberries and one tayberry), a large potted tomato that has tomatoes on it that are almost ready to pick; some swiss chard and some rhubarb. Everything we purchased has something red about it, I see.

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