Monday, June 21, 2010

Thunder, Lightning and Rain

It's raining out right now; with thunder and lightning. I love the sound - we very rarely had thunderstorms in YK and I love the spooky feeling it gives me. Like it might be dangerous... but not really.

We really didn't need more rain however. I had arranged for the lawn to be mown this afternoon but had to cancel it because it couldn't be done in a rain storm.

Rose is at work, but hasn't been feeling too well. Hopefully she'll be feeling better when she gets to work. I'm to pick her up at 10 pm.

I showed the downstairs apartment this evening. Hopefully they'll take it and I won't have to worry about advertising it. We have another possibility as well - and it's first come first served. There a couple of spots where I'll need to touch up the paint before they move in; and the bathroom ceiling needs to be painted. That's fairly easily done - I think I need to buy the special paint for ceilings though; the paint that doesn't deteriorate in high moisture conditions.

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