Sunday, June 13, 2010


It's not raining today. That probably means that I should mow the lawn this afternoon. Unfortunately I can't get Rose to do it because she's working today. And I can't ignore it until Monday when she's not working, because it desperately needs mowing.

The countdown to the end of the school year is on us. Final exams start June 22, which means that there's only seven more teaching days of school. (Yes, I don't deny it - I am counting the days.) This has been one of my more challenging years and I will be happy to be on the far side of it.

I have my books for my summer session class, and I'm halfway through reading one of them. I need to get them both read and a paper written on each before July 5 - I've got lots of time. Yeah right, I need to get to work on that.

Rose commented to me last night that except for when she was training, she's worked over 20 hours each week at Safeway, so that's a good thing. Much better than her job in Yellowknife. She usually works four days a week. We've been enjoying each other. She's ahead of me right now because she spent her last day off cleaning her room and I need to do that with my room now. (And the rest of the apartment.)

I had my piano recital on Friday. There were 12 of us there - four teachers and our students. Everyone had to perform, even the teachers. We all did fine. It's good to have that over with though, and I'm done with piano lessons until the fall. So last night I started working on my new pieces that we'll be working on in the fall. That was also fun.

I think it's time to get ready for service now.

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