Saturday, June 19, 2010

Count down

There are only two more teaching days of school left!!! Grad is next Saturday. Then there's just the windup stuff; getting texts put away, generating a list of books still missing, etc.

I'll be happy to see the end of this year. I had a very challenging class. I had a couple of students missing for most of this past week (and they were the challenging students) and things went so much more smoothly, it was like a night and day difference! One of them was back Friday and yes, we noticed. I've got my final exam made up for the English class I teach, but still have to make up one final for the Christian Ethics class I teach.

There's a group from Cabot, Arkansas, that has come up to volunteer their time at Western every year for the past five years. They've been up this week and I had them over for supper on Thursday. That forced me to get the house cleaned up - this is a very good thing.

I'm planning on going to S'toon with Walter and Ruth today. Walter will insist on driving which means that I can get some reading done for my summer session class. I can also visit with my S'toon family. That's also a good thing.

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Nancy said...

So, did you come to Saskatoon?