Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The good news is

I was able to get someone to come out to see the boiler It ended up being after hours. It was also a very easy fix; a wire had come loose. Ten minutes on his part. Half an hour at after hours billing on my part. Oh well; my tenants have heat and we're all happy. He taped down the wire so it shouldn't happen again. (Last time I had it serviced - just this fall, the wire also came loose too easily).

Rose and I went out last night to W - we needed socks. I swear they vanish into black holes. The rule is... they never sell the same kind you bought last time, so you can't have a whole bunch of matching ones. Ah well, we do have socks again.

While we were there we also bought groceries (it still seems really weird to me to buy groceries at W) and a variety of different mouse traps. At Superstore they only sell the traditional wooden ones (2 for 69 cents) - which may be cheap, but the smarter mice figure out how to get the bait without getting caught. W sells a much wider variety. I got glue traps (which we used all the time in New Guinea), two different types of plastic ones that snap down like the wooden ones do and ones that they go inside of so you don't have to see the mice after they're caught. We set them all last night - I want no more mice! Found one little tiny mouse this morning in a glue trap. Lying there, still alive, quivering. I'm sorry, but I have a hard time feeling sorry for vermin. I set the trap outside so it can freeze to death. It was caught right by the very edge. I wonder if I can use a drywall cutter and cut off that part of the trap and reuse the rest of it? (Am I being too cheap here?)

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