Thursday, November 18, 2010

More poetry

I remember the poems from my childhoood,
"I think mice are rather nice" - and Bobby Burns'
"Week, sleekit, cowrin, tim'rous beastie,"
but it's different when they're in my kitchen,
In my food, running across my floor.
Mice aren't the least bit nice -
I want no mouse in my house.

The far north is known for cold and snow,
But Regina beats Yellowknife for wind.
Wind-whipped snow, making it hard to see;
Check the road conditions before you head out.
Drifts in the driveway, swirling snow on the highways
Winter conditions exist. Drive with care.

Piano Frustration
Thursdays are my weekly humility lesson.
It keeps me young (at times, I feel like I'm six again,)
"Count the beat", "Pay attention to the notes", "listen!"
Things go much better when I practice more -
there's no way to hide what I have or haven't been working on.
This past week, what with going up to the hospital to visit,
And the rest of the demands on my time, my practice time suffered.
I could tell. Sorry Lore. Next week will be better.

That incredible sinking feeling
My chair behind the circulation desk
Sits higher than most office chairs –
Which is a good thing because
The circ desk is higher than most desks.
However high I may start out,
I gradually sink, until I end up typing
With my hands near my shoulders.
It allows me to go on a short trip
Without ever moving from my chair.
It also forces me to get out of my chair
Regularly, because I can only get it to
The top again by standing up.
Well, they recommend that you move
Around and stretch regularly if you’re working
In a sedentary occupation.
My chair ensures that I follow recommended

Quiet Please
The stereotype of a librarian
is a spinster with her hair in a bun,
horn rimmed glasses and a stern demeanor,
shhhing everyone who comes in.
Marion the Librarian.
I understand that depiction.
It's quite the balancing act between
being a welcoming space where
students can hang out and
having the space too loud
for students to study or work.
Some students seem to operate
with their personal volume
set to LOUD.
Some classes seem to operate
that way as well.
I do more shhhing than I care to.
On the other hand, I have students
who come to the library who would never
be there if all you could do
was sit quietly
and read a book.

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