Monday, November 15, 2010


I've been writing poetry because I teach creative writing this semester, and I don't want to require my students to do something that I don't try myself. Here's my latest efforts:

My mother-in-law broke her hip
this weekend, and travelled by
ambulance first to Moose Jaw, then
to Regina. She had surgery last night.

It hurts to see her hurt like that.
Lying there in the hospital bed, she
didn’t look like herself – white face
surrounded by white sheets.

Tremors from Parkinson’s and pain
shaking her arms and hands,
helpless, with little hope, wanting
the small comfort of having her hair
combed and arranged.

All we can provide is small comforts.
The touch of a hand, sharing a prayer,
our presence – such little things when
what we want is to remove the pain.

It’s painful to share with family; what
happens next? What plans should we
make? Do you need a place to stay?
Sharing the pain makes it more bearable.
Sharing our love with the pain.

Rider Pride

I had forgotten until I moved back
How all-important the Riders were.
Sunday was a playoff game.
People wore green everywhere;
In church, in stores, on the street.
Driving past the stadium, it was a sea of green.

Later, cleaning windows, we had regular
Updates by texting. They’re behind,
they’re ahead, 12 seconds left... game tied.
Even buying gas, allowed us to get an update
From another customer – they won
In double overtime!

That night checking facebook –
My niece in Korea was also following the game –
listening to internet radio.
I don’t own any “rider gear” –
And I’ve never been to a game.
Am I really from Saskatchewan?

Fog on Saturday
White tree limbs against gray sky
Ready for Christmas

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Beloved said...

you've never been to a game?