Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Key troubles

Rose has been missing her main set of keys for about two weeks. I supplied her with a second house key and she promptly lost it too. And a third. I was now out of keys, so I went and got three more cut. However, yesterday Rose cleaned her room and found all but the first main set. Last night she found that set in the van.

Now, to be honest, Rose hadn't been able to clean her room because the light burned out and it took a great deal of doing to get it changed. I was finally able to figure out how to unscrew the globe, but not how to put it back. My parents are supposed to be up to visit today, so I'm sure Dad can do that for us. In addition, the armoir in her room tipped over and it took two of us to set it back. Once we had done that, she was able to clean up her room and find all the missing keys.

Ruth suggests that we change to a pushbutton front door lock. She really loves hers. However, our front door lock is strange in that the knob not set the standard distance from the edge that most knobs are; so we're locking the door with a deadbolt, because we can't replace the knob without replacing the front door.

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