Sunday, November 28, 2010

Resume procrastination now

Report card marks are due in Monday morning by 9 am. I have several hours to spend finishing up marking. Yesterday I took my van in to get new tires. It meant that I spent five hours at Walmart! If I had had a laptop, I could have spent those five hours marking! (This is the only time that I have wished that I had a laptop). As it was, because I'm still recouperating from a really bad cold, I came home afterwards and went to bed. Then picked up Rose when she got off work, and came back to bed. Today I don't have that luxury - must finish marking! However would love to be back in bed right now. I still have a bad cough, it hurts to breathe and no energy. Aside from that, I'm doing fine.

Took my parents to the airport yesterday. They're off to Florida with Walter & Ruth for a few days in a time share followed by a cruise. They're back in Saskatchewan December 12. I hope they all have a wonderful time. Dad's finished my front hall closet. I'll paint it in January when Rose isn't around, as she's so sensitive to chemicals. Rose is thinking she'll go up to YK for part of January as she'll be done her university classes and she's upgrading her Grade 12 for the next semester and that won't start until Feb 1.

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