Sunday, September 21, 2008


It's been a busy week. The high school had a two-day retreat Wednesday and Thursday. It was excellent; everyone had fun and there was only one injury. We were out at Dallas Valley Ranch camp. I had never been there before but was very impressed. That also meant two days I didn't have to do any lesson planning; just enjoy myself being with kids (and theoretically being a responsible adult). I can do that.

Friday afternoon three sports teams took off for various locations, which left the school seeming kind of empty. I only had 6 students (out of 16) in my Grade 9 English class. So that was pretty relaxing.

Friday evening my parents arrived. I had a good visit with them, as they stayed at my apartment. Dad hung my thread racks for me, so I can't think of any more little tasks that need to be done. Nice.

Saturday morning I helped Ruth pack up her office. She's bought the office building next door and will be moving next weekend. We packed 72 boxes of old files, that by law must be kept for 7 years. That's a lot of files! Then we had lunch together. In the afternoon I helped Ruth sew her first ever quilt block. She's justifiably proud of herself. Saturday evening I baked butter tarts.

Today, Sunday, is always a highlight of my week. I practiced piano for an hour this morning before service; then attended service, followed by lunch at the Pradzynski's (I brought the butter tarts). Al and Nancy arrived in the afternoon (after my afternoon nap) and we had a short visit before they went to clean. (They have a monthly contract in Regina.) I went to help with the Bible Quiz program (I brought butter tarts again), then helped the Taylor's clean so I could get a bit more visiting in. Stopped by Tony and Joyce's on the way home and visited there a bit. Now I don't have any lesson planning done for tomorrow, but that can be done in the morning. It is definitely bedtime and I'm tired.

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Diane said...

Wow! That was a busy day. Keep it up. You are doing great. We love you.