Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Weather

It seems a little cliche to talk about the weather - but I can't get over it. It is so beautiful out! Currently, at 8:30 pm, it's still +11 - and today is the 25th of September. It was up into the high teens or low 20's every day this week. On top of that there are the absolutely gorgeous autumn leaves with the golds, reds, yellows, greens and browns. To contrast, in Yellowknife right now the temperature is 0.3 with light snow. Yesterday had a high of 3.4, which is seasonally very normal.

Now I definitely didn't move to Regina because of the weather - but I can sure say that I'm enjoying it. I walk home at noon everyday, breathing in the acrid scent of fallen leaves and then walk back to school with thankfullness in my heart. Some of the college students had a picnic at noon today on the lawn.

Thank you, Lord.

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